Ideas for climbers training in isolation

Climbing Training indoors

Let’s talk a bit about how we can train indoors during isolation to keep strong for when we next grip rock. Now first things first, if you have your own training room equiped with finger board, campus boards and training equipment, you’re laughing. The internet is chockablock with professional climbers YouTubing power training, endurance training…

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What can a climber do in isolation?

Isolation for climbers

What fun, summer is around the corner after one of the wettest starts to the year on record. Then rather suddenly Covid-19 comes along, infinitely worse to climbers than any access nightmare and its shotgun wielding landlord, or bird-ban and the pecking insanity that comes with waiting for it to be lifted.  Climbers generationally have…

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Covid-19 update 18/3/20 Staff at Adventure Peaks have been doing everything we can to keep our wall open, however as of today we will be closing the wall and postponing clubs/ coaching sessions until at least Easter. @ Ambleside Climbing Wall

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