Staff Bios

George Hayton-Hines Climbing

Name: George Hayton-Hines – Manager

About: An avid & talented climber who enjoys nothing more than spending his days clinging to rock faces by the tips of his fingers. His favourite area to climb is the Lake District with its wide variety of crags and amazing views, but he has also been seen climbing in the Peak District and many other of the fantastic climbing spots around the UK.  He can usually be found in our bouldering room trying to solve one of his own maniacal problems!

Ambitions: To explore even more of the rock faces our country has to offer, and to step further abroad visiting new places and climbing to new heights.

Awards held: Single Pitch Award, RSA Level 2 Route Setter, Fundamentals 1-3, Climbing wall leading award.




Name: Nathan Hughes – Instructor

About: Nathan can be considered a human mountain goat with the amount of miles he’s racked up on his feet around the many mountains of the Lake District! Add to that his impressive list of treks and expeditions abroad, and you have a skilled mountaineer. He is also an accomplished climber with many traditional assents of routes around the lakes and further afield. A question about the lakes you say? Nathan would be the man to ask!


Awards held: Single Pitch Award, Moutain Leader Summer, Fundamentals 1-2.



Jack Oliver

Name: Jack Oliver – Seasonal Instructor

About: Jack Oliver is an enthusiastic and highly experienced outdoor instructor, who specialises in rock climbing. He also doesn’t stop climbing; he’s not actually been seen anywhere other than a crag, or a climbing wall… Where does he sleep, eat or rest his hat? Can you trust a man with two first names? These are questions for the philosophers and academics among us. For now we know he’s a climber, and a darn good one!

Ambitions: To climb treacle slab (E3 5C).

Awards held: Single Pitch Award, Moutain Leader Summer.




Name: Chloe Price – Instructor

About: Chloe is a student of the University of Cumbria currently working through her second year. With Ambleside being home to a highly regarded university specialising in the outdoors, Ambleside wall is proud to offer opportunity’s and experience to the next generation of outdoor instructors. Saying this, I do wonder if you have to study at this particular university, as all we ever see Chloe do is climb?..

Ambitions: To become the world’s foremost mind on mycology, and to climb more of the famous traditional climbing routes the Lake District has to offer.

 Awards held: Fundamentals 1-2.



Jordan Cawar

Name: Jordan Cawar – Instructor

About: Jordan is a climber with ambition. He has already been on more expeditions than most, and has many more lined up this year. He is also a student of the University of Cumbria currently working through his third year. Jordan takes the outdoors seriously, and always carries a mirror…

 Ambitions: To become an expert mountaineer, and push his limits to new heights.