Can I climb Unsupervised?

Before you climb without supervision the centre expects you to be competent in the use of a safety harness, a suitable knot to attach the harness, and a belay device to secure a falling climber using a rope. You are required to register to say that you know how to use the equipment, that you are prepared to abide by the rules below and that you understand the risks involved in your participation. Anyone who is classed as a novice must not climb without supervision.

Under 18’s are classed as novices and cannot climb unsupervised. If a young person is over 14 and highly experienced with climbing walls (climbs many times a week and is fully competent) then they may be eligible for a graduation assessment. This must be booked, please call ahead for details.  

Instruction in the use of equipment or techniques will only be provided where it has been booked in advance. If you are not confident in the use of any climbing equipment or techniques then you should not attempt to use it without the supervision.

An adult (over 18) who has registered at Ambleside Climbing Wall as a competent climber may take full responsibility for two novice (or under 18) climbers and take full responsibility for their safety. Groups of three or more novices must be supervised by a qualified instructor holding a relevant qualification who has registered with the wall. If coming to the wall as an instructor it is highly recommended to call ahead and ask for an external instructor guidance and registration form.