It’s a day for new gear in the shop!!!!

elia-1_6 meteor-2_6Just arrived in store. The brand new Petzl Meteor; featuring the super cool 1 handed magnetic buckle. And the super chic Petzl Elia; a ladies specific fit and design.

Either helmet are ideal for cragging and winter days out, from scrambing, sport or trad climbing. You really do only have 1 head, and 1 very delicate brain! And whilst most people think they wear a helmet for impacts from above (i.e loose rock/dropped gear), the majority of time helmets actually help with impact protection during the fall. The other day I even saw a helmet with crampon puncture marks in the top. This occurred when a winter leader fell on to his belayer. So, maybe as a leader its worth asking your second to wear a shell, as an unconscious belayer would be a proper scary situation.

Head over to the Petzl website, or call Adventure Peaks for more details on these helmets and to buy over the phone 015394 33794.

Petzl Elia

Petzl website: Petzl Elia

Petzl Meteor

Petzl website: Petzl meteor-iii

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