Kids Climbing Clubs – Mini Monkeys

Ambleside Climbing Wall’s Mini Monkeys scheme is a bit of a gem – schemes like ours are few & far between yet for kids they provide a pathway into a long lifetime of awesome climbing.


Ethos: the age group of our Mini Monkeys is 5-7 which puts our Mini Monkeys in the ‘FUNdamentals’ stage of their development as late specialization athletes. This means the focus is on building their ‘Agility, Balance, Coordination’ (ABC) without applying pressure on them. The aims of the sessions are to have fun building the starting blocks to become awesome climbers! All effort is good & to be praised, these sessions are all about fun!!!

Sessions: a sample session plan would be as follows…

0-30mins: Safety briefing and warm-up activities. We’ll get them thinking with games designed to improve aspects of Agility, Balance and Coordination which will get them ready and set for the challenges ahead!

30-60mins: Climbing on top ropes. We set extra challenges as per what they need ticked in their Logbooks (Log books are a simple record of achievement so our monkeys can see the progress, and work toward there next goal!). Climbers will be introduced to techniques such as belaying and ground skills as well as climbing.

60-90mins: Bouldering. Kids love bouldering, and we’ll introduce them to the sport and help them build the confidence and the ability’s to solve climbing problems as well as working with each other to succeed with their projects.

Booking: All of our kids clubs are booked on a term basis. For information on our current terms, or to book, please come in and see us, or call 015394 33794 and select option two.

Session Times: 4pm – 5.30pm on Monday & Wednesday. 0930-1100 on Sunday.

Ages: 5 – 7

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