Navigation level 2

From: £50.00

Min Age 14+

Cost Full Day: 1 person = £150, 2= £80pp, 3=£60pp, 4=£50pp

Time 9.30am-5.30pm

Our improvers navigation course is designed for those who have completed our beginner’s navigation course or who have already received training in the skills included in the beginner’s course. The aim of this course will be to increase your skill level and improve your confidence that you can navigate on rougher terrain where the paths are less obvious or if the weather is not perfect. This course will take place in an upland environment with as much time as possible spent off obvious footpaths and trails in order to allow you to gain the confidence to navigate using the compass and contour features on the map. Many of the skills on this course will expand on knowledge already gained during the Beginner navigation course.
Over the course of the day some of the skills we will aim to cover could include:
• Recap the skills learned during Beginner Navigation
• Able to identify smaller and less obvious landscape features on the map using contours
• Use the compass to take a bearing from the map and follow it to a point
• Utilize navigation strategies such as aiming off and attack features
• Identify areas of potential hazard and danger from the map and use strategies to overcome these
• Use Back bearings to check route accuracy
• Learn strategies to be able to deviate slightly from a compass bearing to go around obstacles
• Use pacing and timing to accurately measure distance on the ground
• Learn how different factors can affect how fast and how easily you can move over the ground
• Recognise any errors quickly and how to relocate using different skills to get back on route


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